me- 6.1 height
me- 94kg long hair only
me- big picture thinking
me- bmi calculator
me- body- pressure points -
me- body- vitamins : calcium
me- body- vitamins : iron
me- body- vitamins : potassium
me- body- vitamins : vitamin D
me- confirmed organ donor
me- consistency + patience = weight loss
me- dry tongue if horrible food
me- feet- low circulation
me- ferriss slow carb index card
me- goal- 85kg
me- goal 12% fat
me- home haircut
me- jacked as tarzan broccoli and chicken meals fist size
me- lower back lean in smile
me- normal, fun, social, focused man , sociology , cultivating creative confidence , transparent ,( think say do tattoo)me- 53 liters of air per hour
me- oh the places you will go- seuss
me- phfeet low circulation
me- reduce cost of courtesy please = $2 off etc
me- shave off neck hair
me- sleep avoid blue light make your brain tired move your bed face door yawn for 10seconds
me- starting over you regret what you don't try
me- start with yourself frequently constantly challenge yourself
me- strobing tense muscle move to beat
me- top of p tingles
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