"It was late one night, Nauvran was patrolling the halls of his moderately sized house, when his clumsy Neko Maid bumped into him while cleaning"
"o-oops. s-sorry Master." She said
He gazed into her widened pupils as they stared innocently back at him
"P-please don't-" she exclaimed!
Nauvran took his newspaper and whacked her on the head, and she ran off quickly into the closet
It hurt... but she liked it... She didn't know why, for some reason, the thoughts flashed through her mind.
She liked the pain, the thought of him abusingn her made her tingle inside
Nauvran went to his chambers, and derobed as he prepared to sleep, in the nude, as he always does.
Quietly, he laid there, thinking of how he cruelly he treated his poor maid
"Atra! Atraaaa!" he called.
Slowly, she pawed at the cracked door until it opened, and slid inside
"Oh I'm so sorry, come here my little kitty" he said.
She hopped unto the king sized bed and cuddled by his side
He caressed her head, running his hand down to her back
slowly she began to purr
"Th-thank you master." She said softly
As she laid in the dark by his side, she saw his sculpted pecs shimmering in the moonlight
The thoughts flashed through mind again, making her feel oh so good inside
But she just laid there as he slept, and eventually did so her self.
The next morning he awoke, but atra was no where to be seen
He put on his robe and top hat, and grabbed his newspaper for his daily house stroll
As he unknownly walked into the hall she was scrubbing as he was reading.
Her knees were on the floor, and she was bent down low, sliding the wet sponge across the tile
suddenly he bumped into her from behind
"ohhhhhh" she moaned
Startled, nauv looked away from his newspaper, and saw his maid blushing with hot red cheeks
He walked away into his parlor to read, to get his mind of the most inappropriate encoutner
But as he sat there, he couldn't keep his concentration, his mind kept wandering back to his maid. With her big gold eyes, and soft, silky hair...
And her maid's outfit... it was so tight... it squeezed her and trailed her shape.
It was wrong, so wrong, but oh so right. The questions cross his mind over and over again.
It was time for lunch, and he headed into the dining room as she prepared him dinner
As she brought the food to him their eyes made contact, they both blushed and looked away
He could only suspect she shared the same feeling for him
As they ate across the table from each other, their lust only grew more powerful
Finally, they had finished, and she went to collected the dishes for cleaning
As she lifted his plate, she slipped! Food flew all over him!
Enraged by his lust she shouted "Bad Atra! Bad!" and whacked her upon the head
She let out a whimper, but couldn't hide it and moaned softly
Quickly Nauvran went off to his room, he needed to get this off of his mind, he needed some rest
He laid there as the sun slowly set. Shadows crept and stretched across the room. Only the ticking of the clock broke the silence.
And in the kitchen, as Atra washed the dishes, all she could think of was him- she couldn't think straight- carelessy she scrubbed the plates, the soapy water splashed and soaked her apron.
She had made a mess, master would surely punish her. She quivered at the thought.
The dishes were done, set and dried and put away, and she made her way back to her chambers
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